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ArtMatch is a service designed to bring Meaningful, Valuable artwork into your home.


We serve as your guide through each step of the journey, offering market expertise, access and fun.

Client Experiences

kc george artwork in room.jpg

Home re-design in San Francisco

KC & Brad needed 3-4 meaningful, high quality artwork pieces for their home as part of a re-design project.

Very personal, very thoughtful – it’s clear now how very closely Anthony listened to me when I described my tastes and preferences and also paid attention to what we said we liked and didn’t like with the portfolio of potential pieces. We also loved the visualization of pieces in our actual room - helped us immediately rule out pieces that were too big/too small, and really get a feel for what a purchase might look like. So much so, that when we received our first piece and put it up, it looked eerily similar to the mock up Anthony had provided.

KC & Brad

george baker on wall_edited2.jpg

Newlywed collectors in Houston

Leila & Mike were recently married and wanted to add a new piece to their collection, reflective of their joint tastes.

The initial assessment call was very helpful. Anthony took great care to capture elements from our existing art collection. His recommendations were tailored to our preferences on art style, artist background, size, and theme. We went through several rounds of recommendations, each with detailed reviews of the artist background, before we selected a piece that we loved. These recommendations also helped to educate us on emerging artists and types of works that we’re continuing to follow. Once we selected our artwork, Anthony provided detailed information on how the piece fit into the artist’s overall collection of works. This helped us understand the story behind the piece and gave us a greater appreciation for the work. We’re so happy with the piece we purchased through ArtMatch and we look forward to continuing to build our collection over time with their support.

Leila & Mike

Light on the river.jpg

Recently moved in Atlanta

Jen recently moved and needed new artwork that reflected her and her husband’s tastes and experiences. She wanted to create a warm, welcoming environment for her family and friends.

We had a great time working with Artmatch to find unique pieces for our home. Anthony and Olivia did a fantastic job of honing in on our style, what matched our décor. We picked artwork that touched our emotions. The process was incredibly easy from selection all the way to arrival.


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